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" midnight run." >>> coming up next, napa wine can be expensive, but this tips the scales. >> family reserve ends up being about $625. >> but even at that price finding a bottle is a tall order. the celebrities be inned hue the rare boutique brands. >> and the move to fight breast cancer. >> and iphone theft out of control. if you have one of these you have to see the story. what one big city is doing to catch the thieves. >> and then later on "jimmy kimmle live." >> andy sandburg and kelly rippa and the results of our valentine's day youtube challenge, a visit to the barber shop and i do battle with a two-year-old in basketball. i might be more competitive than i should be. >> stay with us. we will be >>> the fda has a new drug to fight breast cancer and the company that developed it says the drug is at the forefront of a new direction and treatment. doctors say the drug is like a smart bomb attacking only malignant cells and minute -- minimizing hair loss and sickness. the drug was developed by genentec and while the drug is specific to a certain type of breast cancer, similar treatments f
is from "alien" and" midnight run." >>> coming up next, napa wine can be expensive, but this tips the scales. >> family reserve ends up being about $625. >> but even at that price finding a bottle is a tall order. the celebrities be inned hue the rare boutique brands. >> and the move to fight breast cancer. >> and iphone theft out of control. if you have one of these you have to see the story. what one big city is doing to catch the thieves. >> and then later on "jimmy kimmle live." >> andy sandburg and kelly rippa and the results of our valentine's day youtube challenge, a visit to the barber shop and i do battle with a two-year-old in basketball. i might be more competitive than i should be. >> stay with us. we will bem >>> the fda has a new drug to fight breast cancer and the company that developed it says the drug is at the forefront of a new direction and treatment. doctors say the drug is like a smart bomb attacking only malignant cells and minute -- minimizing hair loss and sickness. the drug was developed by genentec and while the drug is specific to a certain type of brea
and east of us. the next couple of days look very quiet. it seems to be expect for napa is running a little bit warmer. there is still cold lows. that is the direction where all the jet stream is. it's taking everything up and over and down into the northern plains and down to the deep south. sunny and mild. morning fog. 60s on the temps. napa we will go 65 degrees. livermore 63. warmer on thursday into friday. it looks nice saturday. a little cooler but still dry on sunday. >>> time now 4:51. coming up a new zealand woman suffers a deadly heart attack. the popular brand of soda being blamed. >>> also college student shot in the head during a robbery at a bus stop. how she managed. >>> 21-year-old told police she was attacked at this stop near natural bridges state beach monday night. police say a man pointed a rifle and demanded everything she had. the victim was hit in the back of the head by what she thought was the butt of the rifle. it was actually a bullet. >> she was amazing. she will be able to keep her whits about her. she will be able to pay attention to her surroundings. fight to
they were yesterday. 39 at hayward, los gatos is 36 and fairfield and 38 in cop cord and san jose and napa is coldest at 34 and along 101 from santa rosa and novato and san francisco and mountain view in the low-to-mid 40's and 41 in fremont and 45 in antioch. temperatures are cooler tomorrow with a freeze developing but we will have sunshine and our warm of the day is looking to be sunday. the seven-day outlook in a few minutes. sue? >> we will go to abc7 app in redwood city at the intersection of seaport and bayshore a fatal accident with c.h.p. called. it is on surface streets and will affect you headed to the port of redwood city but otherwise it is not on the freeway and it will not have a huge traffic affect but the sig-alert is in effect. this is a free yap at the bay bridge toll plaza, some activity with emergency crews on the side on 880 fast track entrance but no delays. traffic is very light. just road work south 101 in san francisco central freeway has the ramp closed until 5:00 a.m. >> it is 4:38. thieves break in a luxury car dealership but were not after cars.
the surprising new market with the search for napa wine and a former nba star cashing in on it. plus the increasing numbers of i-phone thefts and w almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! yeah, this is pretty good. male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. use chaget 5% cash backs stations this quarter, whoa everybody get, everybody get! activate your 5% cash back at >> coming up on 5:13 on this saturday morning, the popularity of apple iphones and ipads, and it's not limited to the people who buy them, they are big with thieves, time that's why the new york police -- the new york city police department is creating a special unit just to track down stolen apple products. city officials say nearly 4,000 more iphones and ipads were stolen in tw
been continuously proding top-notch chefs. >> coming here to napa, california, there's fresh, almost any kind of ingredient, produce that you would want, fresh herbs. the herb garden here at cia is amazing. >> here students cultivate edible flowers, vegetables, and fresh herbs. >> it's learning how to plant, what to plant, when to plant it. i live about 1,000 miles up right now, so it's a little colder, and you have to realize, like, i can't plant tomatoes when they're planting tomatoes down here. it's just understanding the seasons and understanding when things want to grow and then they're gonna grow the best. >> students feel and i feel that by producing our own ingredients we can become better chefs. we'll get to learn a little bit about our food systems and how we interact with our food systems. we're in a unique position to do that. >> people come from all over the world, studying at the institute in the heart of the lush napa valley, getting an opportunity to learn how to grow, harvest, and market the produce. much of this early morning's harvest wi be sold at the local farmer
bank. year clear . >> i have a bigger concern about black ice in the north bay at napa and santa rosa at 30 degrees but santa rosa has visibility to three quarters of a mile so be careful on the bridges and overpasses it could be slick. this afternoon, we have sunshine and temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's but the coast is upper 50's with a few clouds. our two warmest days are ahead of us, thursday and friday, mid-60's to 70 and not bad on saturday. high clouds and sunshine and low 60's at the coast and upper 60's for the rest of us. >> looking at clearing any moment san francisco southbound 101, an accident much earlier this morning blocking the right lane and in the clearing phases with an injury involving a taxi and a mustang and one person taken to the hospital. again final clearing stages. a new accident in daly city north skyline boulevard the on-ramp could be shut down to north 101 to get emergency crews and back to the ways app we had a sig-alert but that is lifted and the backup remains southbound 680 to pleasanton and 84 back to livermore so, still, a slow-go area. a san j
year the driest start to the new year ever for concord, hayward, sonoma, napa. find out which day will be closest to 70 degrees this >>> skydiving jump goes terribly wrong. parachute malfunctions. the go pro camera shows his free fall and the hard landing he survived. alan martin with a story you will only see on kpix 5. >> reporter: it happened on his 30th jump. >> i look up and see the airplane. >> reporter: florence felt confident after two years of training at the sky dive monterey bay school. >> you just feel like you are flying. >> reporter: seconds in, he felt a jerk. >> just exploded. just dragged me to the side something went wrong. >> reporter: his parachute opened on its own, at 13,000 feet. >> it is super high. a hundred things go through your mind. >> it just opened up at 13,000 feet. you never open above 6,000 feet. >> reporter: talking to his camera, you hear him talking out loud. >> plenty of time just open up. >> reporter: deciding whether to cut loose. >> i said wait a minute, what if the reserve doesn't open. >> reporter
warmer but finish cooler. >> katie: also surprising for a first for napa wines and former n.b.a. star cashing in on it. increasing number of iphone sales and >> katie: good morning, welcome back. it's 8:13 this saturday morning, you are looking live view from emeryville back to san francisco blue bay. 47 degrees, going to warm up almost 10 degrees. lisa argen will have the full forecast coming up in just a little bit. >>> popularity of apple iphones and ipads are not limited to people that buy them -- they are big with thieves, too. they are creating a special unit to track down stolen apple products. nearly 4,000 iphones and ipads were stolen in 2012 than the year before. the i-force will work with apple to try on return them to owners. >> some of the best wine is made in the napa valley and it's fetching $600 a bottle. vic lee has more on why local wine lovers won't get a chance to buy them. >> what does this retired n.b.a. star have in common with a video game maker. they both started their own wineries in napa. yao ming was introduced to red wines at steak houses he frequented whi
sonoma count tip and eventually this will work its way south. 30s and 40s on the temperatures, 9 napa, fairfield is in there san francisco 47, 40 san jose and mountain view under mostly clear skies, under the rain and breeze picking up mostly cloudy day. mostly 50s for some. upper 40s, a little bit warmer but not a lot. there is a lot of cold air coming in and we will continue that late tonight and tomorrow morning. the weekend looks good but it will be cold wind did i on saturday and it looks sunny windy and warmer. >> a huge blizzard could create some problems. >>> lance armstrong, word of a new lawsuit. >>> good morning, highway 4 looks good as you drive over to concord and we will tell you more about the bay area commute and the bay area weather. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant id
to the hospital with minor injuries. but for the badly hurt drivers, they were sent down from napa as they needed to make a pinpoint landing on the road. in the meantime the specialized crews from the fire department were called to fix ropes, all the while battling the difficulty. >> the injuries here, getting them out of the car at that level. >> reporter: it took about two hours to bring them to the roadside surface where he was stabilized for the short flight to the trauma center. as for the car, it was a case for the extreme towing. it was several hours before they were able to move up that corvette and bring it back up to the highway. by that time they had already fallen. and it was a solo crash on the road here and dry weather conditions. how fast it was going and other factors are still under investigation. in san jose, kpix 5. >> you can explay drives here in the east bay. beginning tonight that is. and to reconstruct that street here for them with the overpasses. the lane closures are scheduled between 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. >>> the price of the pump has jumped up over the past couple of
and novato. everyone else including napa, is in the upper 30's to mid 40's. san francisco is at 47. san jose is at 42. we will hang out in the mid-30's to mid-40's with fog around the north bay and parts of the bay shoreline through 7:00. it will fade quickly. we will see sunshine faster today and temperatures will be nearing 60 by lunch hour. if you are headed out for an early dinner we have sunshine and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60's and clear and mild for evening festivities on valentine's day and low-to-mid 50's. not a heavy coat needed this time. a warmest day tomorrow will be in the mid 60's to 70 again, and winds will shift on saturday but, still, it looks mild low-to-upper 60's. on sunday, the cooling will be more noticeable where mid 60's for us. >> fog settling in the scene bay bridge and you can see traffic is very light but the fog is heavy with a fog advisory for this. take extra caution this morning with limited visibility. south 101 embarcardero to shoreline we have road work this various lanes until 5:00 this morning, so for another 20 minutes. in san ramon valley nort
up another degree in the next hour. san rafael 76. and one of the records so far, napa with 71. that is besting the old record. let's go outside to the live sky camera network. the other problem is the haze. we are at moderate levels of air quality and pollen in the high category. it has been enjoyable and a lot of you are suffering from a headache, watry eyes and maybe coughing again with the poor air quality. we will get rainfall in here and we need it. look at this, 2013, the driest on record for january and february for these cities. that first column, that is it, that is all you have had since january first with rain there in napa, less than 10% of the rain that you should have for this date now in february. so, we need the rain, we are going to get that coming up in the forecast and something else you guys to think about. it's just a few degrees. one of the warmest days in february. just goes to show you. how unusual it is to get the this time of weather this time of year. >> the weather is creating kenners for wine and grape categories. we sent a crew to the santa cruz m
be in napa and san francisco one or two degrees cooler. it will be hard to see the sunrise until you are on top of mount tamalpais because of the cloud cover. we will have upper 50's to low 60's in most neighborhoods and we could make it to 63 in santa rosa and santa cruz for the warm spot. tonight, the 30's and 40s and the cloud cover comes back. tomorrow is a repeat of today, but cooler weather on wednesday and a chance rain on thursday. >> good morning, everyone. we have an accident near apian way and you can see the backup, six cars involved, all cleared to the shoulder but traffic is back before highway four where we have an accident reported there, the connection to highway four to 80, a hit-and-run accident involved there and slow traffic 80 westbound. another problem in the napa area, highway 12, at north kelly, this involving a head on collision. we are waiting further information about lane blockage in the napa area highway 12 at north kelly. kristen and eric? >> the death toll in a horrific bus crash in southern california stands at eight but is expected to climb. the tour
in napa fetch more than $3,500.00 a ton. it means wine growers saw $515 million more in 2012 than 2011. however, analysts believe this year's crop won't be nearly as strong. but whatever they come up with, we will be willing to test it out, right, lisa? >> yes, sure. why not? >> and the sunny days make you think of kind of relaxing and enjoying that. and we will have many more days like that. in fact the warmest temperatures toward the end of the work week. we head outside right now. it's cool out there. in fact, much, much colder in the north bay valleys. as much as 12 to 14 degrees coaler. here's a live look from july they are people. contra costa county, about 1900 feet up. look out over the east bay. 7:05 is the official sunrise. 10 hours, 35 minutes of date. we are on our way to another beautiful day. we are starting out colder and end up warmer. a couple reasons for that. live doppler 7hd not picking up anything in the way of cloud cover. it is certainly frosty in parts of the north bay, even the peninsula and the east bay as numbers drop right around freezing. so right now we ar
that for you straight ahead. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, the surprising new market with a thirst for napa wine and they are cashing in on it. plus >> the popularity of apple iphones and ipads isn't only limited to people who pie them, they are big with thieves too. that's why the new york police -- the new york city police department is creating a special unit just to track down stolen apple products. city officials say nearly 4,000 more iphones and ipads were stolen in twelve than the year before. the cop will work to return twices and return them to their owners. >>> some of the best wine in the world is made in the napa valley. some places it's catching more than $700 a bottle. vic lee as more on the names behind the labels and why most local wine lovers won't get a chance to buy them. >> what does this retired nba star from china have in common with one of the biggest video game makers? answer? they both started their own wineries in napa. yao ming was introduced to red wines at the steakhouses he frequented while playing for the houston rockets. >> we do have a lot of beef over there
. with the lights of the colors of the san francisco 49ers. it was 70 in napa today. 60s, in san francisco but it is going to get cooler. here is the cloud coverage that is going to blanket the clouds with high pressure that is moving from the south and expect is cooler. tomorrow in the super bowl sunday with dropping several degrees along the coast. sunday, monday, a slight increase in temperatures with upper 60s. let us take a look with the fog tracker. up and down the coast. but it is also pinpointing fog to the north and the inland valleys. it will stick around and start to clear out. for the early map afternoon, chilly. 30's in napa, 30's in fairfield, 40's. the coast. and for the bay shore. for the afternoon, low 60s for the most part. several degrees cooler with the east bay, 60s and alameda. 60s in livermore. temperatures are going to drop into the fifties. for the north bay, a mixture of 60s. cooler than we have seen. it is going to be much cooler with the chance of rain on thursday. >> the hype is finally almost over. what the brothers had to say. gary radnich has that with broth
-30s in livermore, pleasanton and napa. into the afternoon, temperatures into the low 60s especially down in the south bay. we could hit these temperatures early say about noon then start cooling because we do have this cloud cover from the north that's rolling in. you see on satellite and radar picture. we're going to be getting some of the cooler air also coming down from the north into the bay area tomorrow. let's take a look at the cloud cover and the rain. the rain largely going to stay to the north. you see by 3:00, fairly heavy rain over eureka. then it starts to dry out as it moves out into the bay area. more clouds cover by 7:00 in the north bay. some of this rain approaching the delta and napa valley region by 9:00. and then we could see just the cloud cover. take a look at the sierra snow expected there into the midnight hours. snow flurries continue through the 6:00 hour. tomorrow partly cloudy but the morning snow looks likely temperatures will be dropping into saturday. but recovering into sunday. that's the same thing we're going to see here locally. temperatures again
francisco in the background. here is a look at high today. napa was the winner at 63 degrees and at 59 in san francisco international, 60 and 57 in san jose and monterey topped out at 54 degrees. here is a look at high definition rooftop cam from the embarcadero. 52 in san francisco. 45 in petaluma. livermore, 47 degrees. higher elevations where we are right now atop mount tamalpais looking down on richardson bay, san francisco in the background, winds still up, it was northwesterly winds that get the chill in the air. those winds are starting to die down a little bit the 51 in fairfield and gilroy, 46 degrees. here is a look at the forecast as we continued through the evening hours, clear sky and the wind will start to die down overnight. more sunshine for your sunday and less wind and temperatures will be a little warmer and get ready for a string of mild days as we heading into next week. calm winds and numbers will come down overnight tonight. mid to upper 30s. it will be cold in those locations. elsewhere, mid to low 40s near san francisco, only as well as the richmond area. high
, up forties'. 41 the concord, and napa 47. we're down to zero visibility in santa rosa, three tenths of a mile and napa and about. -- novato. you can see by 6:00 a.m., we are seeing widespread cloud cover and low fog. by 12:00 we will see along the coast line. it could be a cloudy day there, especially along the waterfront. the peninsula and the east bay's shoreline. temperatures are pretty seasonal, upper fifties low 60s. san mateo oakland 60, downtown san francisco 57, 62 and napa. 7 day around the bay forecast shows a dry and stable weather for the next couple of days. thursday we have changes to talk about. a cold front will drop through and start the weekend as we go through. it will bring light rain. saturday and sunday look dry, plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s. 6:17 a.m. and here is george. >> their started back up at the bay bridge toll plaza for the westbound ride. drive times are currently 16 minutes out of the macarthur maze. we do not have any accidents reported for the upper deck but things are definitely starting to slow here. the san mateo
temperatures. napa, upper 20s. 48 right now in san francisco. 44 in mountain view. 37 in livermore, and san jose, clear sky, 38 degrees. much warmer weather is due next week. we'll look at it. >> ama: in the northeast, cars are stuck in deep snow and utility crews are working on turning the lights back on. more than 650,000 people lost power in the big blizzard on the east coast. at 11: 30, the hardest hit areas. >> 2012 was a good year for wipe grape gores in california. the grape report shows last year was the largest crop on record, the average grape sold for 25% more than in 2011. the strong crop meant wine grewers -- analysts believe this year's crop won't be nearly as strong. >> the state of california is counting polleds after what amounts to a big garage sale today. hundreds of bargain hunters turn out for a state century mass auction in sacramento. the department of general services offered all sorts of items to the highest bidder, including confiscated property like julie, laptops, and cell phones seized at airports and traffic stops. >> surplus property, office furniture, comput
-- translate to cold temperatures. napa, upper 20s. 48 right now in san francisco. 44 in mountain view. 37 in livermore, and san jose, clear sky, 38 degrees. much warmer weather is due next week. we'll look at it. >> ama: in the northeast, cars are stuck in deep snow and utility crews are working on turning the lights back on. more than 650,000 people lost power in the big blizzard on the east coast. at 11: 30, the hardest hit areas. >> 2012 was a good year for wipe grape gores in california. the grape report shows last year was the largest crop on record, the average grape sold for 25% more than in 2011. the strong crop meant wine grewers -- analysts believe this year's crop won't be nearly as strong. >> the state of california is counting polleds after what amounts to a big garage sale today. hundreds of bargain hunters turn out for a state century mass auction in sacramento. the department of general services offered all sorts of items to the highest bidder, including confiscated property like julie, laptops, and cell phones seized at airports and traffic stops. >> surplus property, of
to below freezing in some areas. 31 degrees right now novato. 30 in napa. 29 in santa rosa. we are off to a chilly start. walnut creek below freezing. livermore 30 degrees for you. around the peninsula mid to upper 30s. oakland, hayward, sfo reporting 32. 37 degrees half-moon bay. san francisco the warmer spot 43 degrees outside your door. into menlo park you are below freezing. 30 degrees. 33 in foster city. so you get the idea here. if you do have to be outdoors early this morning, bring along a jacket. it's a cold one. going to the farmers market to pick up that fresh fruit we will be chilly for the next couple of hours. the pacific satellite view there is the ridge rebuilding and strengthening over california. as et does it will continue to -- as it does we will continue to drive up our temperatures. mostly sunny skies. the warming trend taking us anywhere from five to eight to perhaps ten degrees above the seasonal average. i'm going to show you that in the extended forecast. for today 59-degrees in vallejo. 59 for san rafael. low 60s novato. santa rosa. napa. 61 for oakland today
with the '70s-68- today in napa. closer to the coast, 60s through half moon bay. temperatures are cooling off this evening. cold conditions and even 44 in fairfield. and vallejo. 45 in half moon bay. we are going to see clearer skies and areas of fog. warm a specially for the north bay. this is a very cold night with areas away from the coast. it is going to be another mild day. temperatures in the 60s in fact they are going to be climbing. we will even see 70's and portions of the bay area. let us take a look at that warming trend. >> pam: ahead at eight-- authorities make a very unusual discovery during a pot bust in vacaville. some big changes could be in store for the thousands of bart riders in san francisco. we'll tell you what they are. plus: president obama will deliver his state of the union address. the hot topics he's expected to talk about. next. >> pam: vacaville police find a baby alligator during a marijuana arrest in vacaville. the suspected couple - lory and william riley - were booked into solano county jail, after police searched than 50- pounds of marijuana, seven firearms
of the northwest 5 to 15 miles per hour. making it feel like 36 in napa. 34 in novato, and 32 in fairfield. but you zoom into the east bay, and it feels like the mid-20s here from walnut creek down to pleasanton. this will likely also produce a few areas of ice back into the east bay and also the north bay hills, making it dangerous for tomorrow. the top three coldest spots we are honing in on would be santa rosa, livermore, and also los gatos. if you're heading out tomorrow morning, the best tip for you would be to wear those layers and also give your car plenty of time to warm up. we're going to let you know who could go down to 29 degrees coming up in my full forecast. also, what our chances are of rain in that seven-day in just a few minutes. >> okay, jeff. we'll see you shortly. >>> we've seen a bit of everything today, right? from snowboarders on mount diablo to hail in the south bay. this is a storm we desperately need. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney joins us in livermore this evening where the temperatures are dropping by the minute. terry, i guess we could say welcome to winter, finally. >
soon. quarter of an inch exactly as advertised. quarter inch in napa, same in morgan hill, fremont a third, oakland a third, everybody is so close october/november and december we turned the tap off and boy did we. 7.99 in san francisco, we can find a lot more than that. all are below and continuing to drop, i don't see anything upstream not for the next 5 to 7 days, arizona has impacted spring training and after that it will clear out and be cold. i saw in the oak landis trick the 2 -- oakland district 28, scott valley santa cruz mountains around 20 to 29, it will be sunny but breezy, code morning but breezy, temperatures are staying on the cool side, we are below average, upper 50s and very low 60s and in fact we should be around 60 to 65. we are staying slightly below average, cool and breezy as we go into the weekend. >>> well, the bay area is off to a chilly start, following a stormy day that included rain, hail and even a tornado. yesterday's system also brought snow to the mountain tops. mt. diablo is still blanketed with snow. some people made their way with sleds to play a
and we said about a quarter to a half inch and that's exactly what fell. napa third of an inch, san francisco had almost a half inch of rain, quarter inch livermore, fairfield, right in there, rainfall is below average for everybody including santa rosa which is 93%, san francisco 86% and we were doing so well until january hit. san jose 7.99, ironically you can find a lot more in the old rain gauge than that but everybody is below average now. low pressure to the south, heading towards phoenix there will be a lot of delays in spring training games. napa and santa rosa some upper 20s and this is a very cold dynamic system, windy at times, temperatures 50s and very low 60s may just briefly touch and it can help santa rosa and it will be a cool day, average high is 60 to 65 and yesterday was upper 40s so well below average, we will slowly climb back, cool and breezy and we go to the weekend. >>> does pg&e oh you money? investigators say they have been overcharged. >>> it has become the center of controversial, we will explain -- it has become the center of controversy. we will explain
mark in places like santa rosa and napa. we'll see 42 in antioch. 34 in san francisco. for the afternoon, a nice day. 62 in palo alto. in santa clara and san jose. widespread 60s for the east bay as well. low 60s along the east bay shore. 62 in union city. 63 for concord and antioch. also warmer near the coastline. in the upper 50s in ocean beach. 58 in san francisco. and namely in the 60s for north bay. a look outside on satellite and radar picture. there's that cloud cover i just mentioned, now covering the north bay. we have this weak system that is moving to the north of us and starting to go to south as well. cloud cover is coming in and they aren't going to get much rain. let's check it out on future cast. it does show us having clear skies into tomorrow morning. i don't see how that's going to be possible. it also keeps the rain well to the north in the 5:00 hour. that i do buy. into the 8:00 hour, you see one cell coming down by the north bay. we could get light rain up in napa county and into the delta. the 10:00 hour, though, dryer conditions. you can see a f
the area in a dry state. 65 in santa rosa right now. 57 novato. 62 napa. 63 in the antioch area. 64 was the high in antioch today. 63 fairfield. day time highs. warm. numbers like 66 napa. above average for many bay area cities and sticks in here. one thing i worry about are people with allergies. rain, we need rain. the pollen and the blooms. trees are starting to get fooled because of the lack of rain and the warmth. you will see buds come out on the trees. it is hard on the trees when we get the next freeze. santa rosa 88% of average. that is amazing to me. we have not had rain but we had so much rain in december we are still holding fair percent of average. san jose 74%. we need the rain. i don't have any tomorrow, i will let you know in the five- day forecast when our next shot is possible. we will talk about the forecast highs for tomorrow because it will get warmer around here. >>> the coast guard is expected to decide soon whether or not to call off the search for four missing boaters, including two young children. ktvu's jade hernandez is what is believed to be the family's
and bellevue and we will have a live report coming from the scene. >>> napa airport 38 degrees, southeast breeze at 6 and puts the windchill at 24, sunny and warmer today after we get cranked up, high clouds will not amount to anything. around the 6th i mean you are getting what we term a fantasy land. weak systems continue to move across and they really just fall apart so except for high clouds, there is not much going on except for a few high patches of fog. it is right where you should be on the high side overall it will not matter. temperatures continue to warm up and they absolutely fall apart, they drive up to the north and really there is not much. santa rosa 38, livermore 36, 39 and i have seen some upper 30s. a little southeast at napa, for us sunny today, except for a few high clouds, temperatures continue to warm up, and we go to above if not tomorrow, thursday into friday. mid-60s, 67 in brentwood, 63 mountain view, redwood city 65. a few clouds on thursday, but it does not matter, we say hello with the temperatures. >>> a great storm in the great plains is barreling into the
rosa, napa. 32 and novato and redwood city and540's to the bayshore with 60s afternoon highs will be a mixture of 50s and 60s. for those headed out this evening. widespread 40's. taking a look at those afternoon highs. 50s for mountain view. 60s for concord. upper 50s for the east bayshore. 60s and petaluma even 70's by friday. >> former vice president dick cheney has some harsh criticisms of president obama. cheney says he thinks the president's choices for key cabinet posts are quote, "second rate". as a result, he thinks national security is at risk. cheney is a wyoming native. he made these remarks last night to members of the president obama nominated chuck hagel as defense secretary. cheney says hagel was picked so a republican could take the blame for any future cuts to defense spending. in afghanistan. marine general joseph dunford i the new man in charge of international forces in afghanistan. he replaces general john allen. who is nominated to lead nato forces in europe. allen was also exonerated in a pentagon investigation of questionable email exchanges with a flo
and napa. the east bay in the upper 40s, oakland. we will talk about the rest of the weekend, the super bowl forecast and also when the rain is coming back from the cool air. that's next. >> thank you, lisa. also next, if it weren't for the 49'ers, the sharks might be the talk of the town. last night they tried to improve to a perfect 8-0, facing off against nashville. rick kwan has the highlights co as lisa pointed out, not everyone will be inside watching the super bowl today. some people want to get out and about. >> it's true. we will have another nice afternoon. yesterday we saw more sun in the north bay. and today more sunshine around the bay except for the coast. i think the clouds are going to hang on there. across the bay right now it looks pretty good. the sun coming up after seven. we do have mostly cloudy skies around the bay. that's helping keep the numbers up in the 40s. there is fog to the north. three mile visibility, a mile and a quarter in napa and then the sun is south. the low clouds and fog banked up along the shoreline yesterday kept temperatures in the 50s. we had
of the accuweather forecast. >> fog has returned. temperatures have dropped into the mid-30s in napa. certainly cooler this morning as you take a look outside from our camera in emeryville. you notice that still dark out there. we will see more in the way of sunshine today but we have rain closing in on the bay area. not today. i'll have that seven-day outlook for you next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead a promising u.c. berkeley student steps into the spotlight to promote immigration reform. why he's p >> a u.c. berkeley student is featured in a nationally released video aimed for supporting citizenship for young immigrants. they referred to as the dreamers. the education reporter lyanne melendez explains who is behind this campaign. >> this is terrence. he is getting a degree in mathematics and applied statistics at u.c. berkeley. >> it wasn't hard to find karen parks on the ninth floor of the hall. we wanted to know why he wanted to speak out. >> i thought maybe it was the right moment for me to contribute something to the movement. >> the movement is called "the dream is now." it focuses on
the bay bridge all lit up tonight and current temperature reads in other locations. 45 degrees napa. 49 concord. 49 los gatos. freezing conditions in some inland locations overnight eis specially in the interior valleys of the north bay and east bay. sunnier and milder tomorrow afternoon and this drew pattern and mealed pattern stays with us the next few days. the satellite radar composite image as eanimate from this morning to tonight shows the low pressure is system that brought us the crazy stormy weather yesterday pushed well inland to the seat. high pressure building in ridging in to be the dominant feature in the weather picture the next several days. the storm track flowing well to the north. a few high clouds moving in but no precipitation for the next few days. overnight tonight, chilly to cold conditions across the bay area. chill have around the bay shore with the lows there the upper 30s to 40s. lows in coast in the low 40s. in the north bay valleys below freezing at napa and santa rosa overnight. tomorrow, mainly sunny skies. in the south bay highs around 60 degrees. 61 san
temperatures. we are running around 34 in napa and 38 in concord and san jose, and 36 in los gatos and half moon bay, and 39 in hayward, and san carlos and everyone else low-to-mid 40's. throughout the afternoon hours, how about upper 50's at the coast, maybe a few mid-50's like half moon bay and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us. headed into tomorrow we will have temperatures on the decline and i will show you that in a second and a chance for sprinkles. sue? >> back to san jose update on the accident, the capital expressway involving a bus car ran a red light, hit the bus, more damage to the car than the bus but one person is injured and taken to the hospital but the intersection is open with lanes getting by and it is clearing. westbound 580 at coolidge a stall blocking the off-ramp there, and checking this with bart and muni everyone is on time and the capital corridor train 521 remains about 30 minutes behind. eric and kristen? >> if the friday plans include taking bart to and from san francisco expect delays. starting at 10:00 p.m. only one of the two tunnels in the bay will be open
in antioch. it will be 61 degrees expected for napa up and upper 50s for downtown san francisco. >> in the southland, the search resumes today for former loss angeles police officer out for revenge. christopher and dorner is suspected of killing three people, including one police officer. for despite any extensive search, authorities have not been able to track him down. today, that will continue to canvass the snow-covered san bernadine no mountains where dorners burned pickup truck was found. on friday, there was a four hour search of his mother's home in orange county. several bags of evidence were taken from the residents. >> we also have new pictures of the x copper. in a rambling on my manifesto, dorner says that he lost his job back in 2000 and a because he was a whistle blower perry ed dorner about the harm police officers and their families as revenge for what he says was his under firing from the lapd. he believed to be is believed te heavily armed, with as many as 30 weapons. >> stay with kron 4 as we follow the latest developments in the manhunt for christopher the d
of the current numbers in the upper 40s already, fairfield and napa, downtown san francisco, 57, and san jose at 55. forecast headlines for tonight, we have most here clear skies with some patchy fog developing in some of the inland valleys tomorrow emergency. february 1st, more sunshine. this weekend we do bring in a few high clouds and temperatures will be dropping off. >> first thing tomorrow, for friday, some patchy fog pretty chili in napa. >> once again, the overall weather pattern still in command, sunny and warm. 62 to 70 degrees. into the weekend there is a storm in the pacific, not approaching the bay area, but moving parallel to our coastline. this the bring in a few extra high clouds and a little bit of a drop off in temperatures. >> here's showing you the clear skies and some of the those high clouds moving into the bay area sunday, and sunday morning. >> forecast highs for tomorrow, could be a little bit warmer. >> san jose will go 68, san matoe, 65, and beautiful 64 degrees. >> your 5-day forecast, temperatures cool off slightly for saturday, minor changes with no rain clouds o
, livermore. 56 in napa. 54, san francisco. half moon bay, 50. 54 in san jose, clear sky there here is a look at our forecast. we'll continue with those low clouds and a little bit of patchy fog overnight. now, it will be with is tomorrow morning and then we'll look for mid-day clearing. tomorrow looks terrific. enjoy the next couple of days because the weather pattern is going to change by mid-week. the rain will turn on thursday, and looks like a colder air mass will settle in as well. speaking of cold, temperatures tonight, where we do not have the cloud cover, that's where temperatures will start to dip down into the upper 30s, such as the napa valley, santa rosa, san francisco overnight, 45. we'll look at the fog together right near the coast. 38 for half moon bay. 41 for san jose and 37 for livermore. this is the setup. this high has just been sitting over the pacific northwest. the jet stream well to the north of us. but things are going to start to change mid-week. this high will stay positioned right over us. so the dry weather pattern will stay with us through wednesday, and then af
morning commute. it is getting chilly out there. 44 at this hour in napa. 45 in santa rosa. 50 in san francisco. we're seeing a little bit of overcast in livermore. 50 in san jose and half moon bay don't be surprised to see fog tomorrow morning. 45 degrees. low clouds and fog overnight. midday clearing for your monday. monday afternoon should be sunny. tuesday will be sunny and the clouds thicken up bringing a chance of rain returning to the bay area as we led heed to the latter part of our workweek. lows, widespread mid to low 40s near san francisco and oakland. all the way down the peninsula toward san jose, san jose 41 overnight low but in the north bay as well as the east bay interior valley areas we see a little bit of clear spots, i napa getting down to 48 degrees. it will be cool in the interior east and north bay valley areasa string of nice, dry mild days. it will be with us for two more days and it's keeping the rain with the storm track north of us. as we head into wednesday, all of this will collapse to the south and that will open the door to cooler air mass as well as a
for the afternoon. temperatures in the 30's and '40's. 36 in napa, pleasanton for the afternoon 50s for the most part in palo alto. and it will be a bit breezy so likely it is going to feel a bit cooler than what we saw today. for the east bay shore and temperatures along the shore are already in the 50s. it feels like the 40's. 56 in napa of a look at your extended forecast with a couple of days but changes coming on thursday. showers for most of the weekend. temperatures are going to die. but they will rebound, nicely. tomorrow marks the 37th anniversay of a rare bay area snow day. it's been called the snowstorm of 1976. snow blanketed the bay area on february 5th. 37 years ago. this is video taken from our archives. you can see.snow covering cars and snow covered roads. gary radnich is next with sports. >> $99 million was spent in the sports books. perhaps because of proximity. the team returned home. to santa clara. with 1000 people waiting. and jim harbaugh of paying some respect rolled his window down. and assigned some autographs. you get 1000 people, and that are some real fans. jim harb
tonight. and for the inland valleys it was 55 degrees in livermore. in the north bay, 60s. 61 in napa. temperatures were on the cooler side. for the overnight cooler and chilly away from the coast. some areas of cool conditions but not like last night kamal that had wide spread a cloud coverage. however, we do have big changes for your forecast on thursday with much-needed rainfall. we will tell you all about it and time it out on futurecast. >> pam: take a look at this. tonight -- a crash in oakland.killed a woman who was driving a stolen s-u-v. it was all caught on camera! >> also, the hostage alabama situation. >> gary: coming up later we will hear from harbaugh, kaepernick and ready for ray lewis the latest from the warriors. to a rough night for them. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase wh
talked about the lack of clouded? a lost 30's out there from napa and santa rosa and mid-30's to concord and police officer lore -- and livermore and los gatos at 37. around the monterey bay, upper 30's to mid-40's. brighter today and close to average temperatures. cooler with showers tomorrow and friday and we will rebound with sunny conditions and warmer weather this weekend. today we will stretch from 55 at half moon bay, a cool spot and san francisco and richmond at 356 to antioch and fairfield at 60. we will be 59 in oakland and san jose. 56 in monterey and everyone else in the bay and inland is flirting with 60 degrees. tonight, clouds will roll in, keep the temperatures up, in the upper 30's to mid-40's, and notice the rain is still up to the north during the morning hours at least the early morning. here is what happened year, the cold front came through, the clouds cleared and we are dealing with cooler weather and the next system coming in and it will bring that chance of rain. so we will map it out. 24 hours from now or close you can see the showers, still, in the north bay bu
some rain, napa, marin. up toward santa rosa. about a quarter, three quarters of an inch but that's been to the north. system doesn't have a lot of moisture so it'll only be hit and miss. for those who maybe have travel plans to boston or new york you may want to wait it out. a huge system will come out and they are looking for two to three feet of snow. just to give you a heads up. this system, then we will break and then the next part rotates in, that's the cold air.  30s and 40s on the temperatures, some of them, this will go up, some of the cloud cover starting to comen. napa is 11 degrees warmer. there is the system that will give us a lot of clouds and a little bit of rain. winter weather starts at 10:00 a.m. not a lot of snow but the wind is up over the passes and some of the ridges and then snow source showers on friday. for us today highs in the low 50s to the north or upper 40s and then 50s to the south as clouds increase. some rain but some sun mix later on and then really cold tonight, tomorrow, coldest area round noon on friday. i mean it's going to struggle tomorr
are nasty right now. 33 in vallejo. you are going to get some cold spots up around the napa and santa rosa in the mid-20s. the next few mornings tomorrow morning, sunday morning, monday morning, tuesday morning are going to be freezing. so you're going to see frost. maybe black ice if you look really hard. remotely sunny in the afternoon. temperatures will come down into the mid- and upper 50s. 58 in napa with a 56 in berkeley. so not quite in the 60-degree range. let's step out of the way. 56 in pacifica. you get to san jose, 58, 59 in h -r began hill. -- in morgan hill. those winds are actually going to keep the air quality issues we have with spare the air day. it's going to keep us from having a spare the air night. so a little bit of wind. it's going to keep areas around the bay a little bit warmer so we're not anticipating as much frost until you get inland. the winds keep things a little warmer, keep the frost, make it tough for the frost to form. that's at the higher elevations and around the bay. i mentioned earlier julie there's no rain in this five day and really there's no rain
. dropping into the 40s out towards concord and walnut creek. napa, checking out 44 degrees in downtown san francisco and lower 50s at 51. forecast headlines for tonight. we will go with this. partly cloudy skies, cool conditions, the weekend, cold mornings. more sunshine in the afternoon hours. we will begin to warm things up in the forecast. monday and tuesday and wednesday. first thing, upper 20s, out towards napa, santa rose a close to that, 30 degrees. sanfrancisco at 40 and san jose in the middle 30s, 35. you want to keep the plants warm and the animals warm. the temperatures off to a cold start tomorrow morning. the high pressure continuing to reare build. and the cold air mass continues to move in from the north. the weekend, more sunshine. maybe patchy fog during the morning hours and no rain clouds showing up on the five- day forecast. in fact, here is the forecast model showing all of the chowd cover heading to the north. saturday, sunday, and into your monday. right on through monday. in fact, monday, warming things up a bit. forecast highs tomorrow, like this. santa rosa, 59, s
year. average grapes sold for 25% more than 2011. premium grapes grown in napa fetched more than $3500 a ton. strong crop meant wine growers got $900 million more, but this year's crop won't be nearly as strong. >> the curiosity rover has driven into the rocky surface for the first time. you can see test one on the right and sampling hole on the left. procedure was much more complicated. scientists spent several days how to drill a perfect hole. they got it done yesterday. the hole is two and a half inches deep. scientists are transferring the powder to laboratory. they will study the chemical kals to determine what kind of life existed on master. >> they built a invisibility cloak. the team drilled a series of holes in the ground. they filled them in with clay silt. the layout allows scientists to steer sound waves from certain areas. they believe it could be done to rechannel seismic waves from an earthquake. >> an actress attacked for her weight. what they wrote about melissa mccarthy that has drawn criticism. could we see warmer weather this week? leigh glaser has the forecast. >>
half moon bay, clear sky, 48 degrees. san francisco 52. 52 in napa. antioch, 56, and 52 in san jose, folks, here's a look at what to expect this week. cold again tonight so the inland areas such as napa, sonoma, overnight temperatures this morning in the upper 20s. you'll do it again tonight. so expect inland frost in those locations. cold start for monday and then look for a mild afternoon and then each day this week, temperatures will slowly start to warm up. by thursday and friday, we could actually be talking about 70s around here. here's a look at the cold overnight temperature for you in the north bay and east bay. numbers this evening, tomorrow morning, i guess i should say, hovering near the freeze mark. 43 for san francisco, half moon bay, 36. clear sky. and san jose, 35. this is the setup. high pressure starting to build in. a slight north to northeasterly wind component today. that's why the low clouds and fog well off the coast. but as the tide -- this builds in, it's going to be sitting near the coast but will begin to build in and we'll get into more of the offshore wi
on the left to what we've seen so far. here you go from cities from the north bay, sonoma, napa, sfo, redwood city, oakland, the driest start to any year on record. this is for january into early february rainfall. now what's a blessing is the fact that december was the tenth wettest december on record. these numbers, not so good for rainfall. when you compare that early lead-in that we had with the rainfall to start the season, the bay area is looking okay. a lot better than last year where we're seeing about 30% of average rainfall. a lot of the gains we made in december starting to slip away. the snow pack looks healthy. a big difference from last year when it was 29 to 36% of average. so still looking okay. 70% to 80% of average. when you see the seven-day forecast and really the 14-day forecast which looks very dry. you're going to see the numbers continue to drop off. the satellite view has a few high clouds going by with high pressure to the west. we're still kind of seeing northerly flow down. setting up for some chilly nights. here is the blocking pat person will cause this rainfall
. ridge of high pressure driving those temperatures up. right now, 63 in napa, 63, santa rosa. low 60s walnut creek. hayward, oakland checking in right about 59 degrees. these numbers anywhere from 4 to 8 degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago. napa and santa rosa closer to 10 to 12 degrees warmer than just a day ago. it's a warming trend that we are going to continue. pacific satellite view. ridge of high pressure over the pacific here. the back edge right about there keeping that storm track well to the north. in fact, it's becoming a bit concerning. 2013 looking awfully dry. some areas perhaps even breaking records at this point for january and now moving into mid-february. so check your grass. you may actually need to turn on the sprinklers. this warming trend will carry us all the way through the week. coming upper 60s in the forecast by thursday. it will be mild that day. winds will remain north and northeast and generally light across the region. 62 expected for berkeley today. 60 in san francisco. 63 in hayward. low to mid-60s for the north bay. 6 o-- low 60s inland east bay.
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